Top 5 thinkLaw Articles 2020

2020 has been a year unlike any other–a global pandemic, critical presidential election, nation-wide protests of the horrific police killings of black men and women. And, always, at the intersection of these events, is education and our students. thinkLaw Founder and CEO Colin Seale has written on many such events this year for various publication outlets such as Forbes and The 74. Colin’s articles always boil down to one thing: pushing for educational equity by means of critical thinking, and how achieving that equity can change things for future generations and our world. Check out our top five picks of his articles from 2020 here:

1. “The Inherently Political Problem of Policing Political Speech in the Classroom” via Teach for America Colin explores why the idea of “no politics in the classroom” doesn’t work because, at it’s core, education is inherently political, and also describes why enforcing this idea does a disservice to educators and students.

2. “4 Tips for Engaging Reluctant Math Learners” via Edutopia Do you have “I don’t do math” students? Are you a “I don’t do math” person?  Check out this edutopia article where Colin shares 4 strategies for reluctant math learners

3.  “Why I Wrote Thinking Like A Lawyer: Because Teaching Critical Thinking to All Students Paves a Path to Racial Justice” via The 74 Have you read Thinking Like A Lawyer? Check out this article by author @Colin Seale, where he gives you insight into his reasons for writing the book and why it is a critical read for promoting racial and social justice in the classroom.

4.Distance Learning During the Pandemic: Equity and Access Questions for School Leaders” via Forbes Colin talks about the equity priority necessary for school leaders during the COVID pandemic, and helps education leaders to think about questions that will make a difference in equity and access for their students.

5. “A Perfect Time to End Our STEM Obsession: 3 Ideas for Teaching Critical Thinking At Home During (And After) the Coronavirus” via Forbes 2020 brought a whole new meaning to “home school,” and many parents turned to educators on ways to help supplement their child’s learning. Colin shares tips for teaching critical thinking at home that anyone with kids at home can leverage.


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