Rote Memorization & Spoon-fed Learning Are No Longer Acceptable For 21st Century Education.

It’s time for a critical thinking revolution. Our award-winning, standards-aligned curriculum will help you unleash the critical thinking potential of all your students.


Lessons Involve Fairy Tales & Nursery Rhymes For Grades K-2 and Real-Life Legal Cases For Grades 3-12.

Engaging Lessons With 9 Types Of Learning Activities To Appeal To Multiple Learning Styles.

Rigorous and Engaging Lessons Require Under 10 Minutes of Prep Time So You Can Begin Teaching Quickly.

2500+ Hours of Product Development For Teacher Resources with PowerPoints and video tutorials for each lesson.

Virtual support is included.  We guide you step-by-step through program implementation.

Standards-Aligned Materials for Teachers To Deliver Integrated, Highly Relevant Critical Thinking Instruction.

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