Tangible Equity

Tangible Equity

A Guide for Leveraging Student Identity, Culture, and Power to Unlock Excellence in and Beyond the Classroom

About The Book

Move beyond the “why” of equity and learn what it actually looks like in the classroom. This powerful book by bestselling author Colin Seale shows how you can overcome barriers and create sustainable pathways to realizing equity for your students.

Part I of the book explains why all education stakeholders should not just prioritize equity, but go beyond the buzzwords.

Part II looks at why good intentions aren’t enough, and provides six ways you can leverage your power to really start doing something about equity.

Part III discusses the five classroom-level philosophical shifts needed to make real change, including how to think differently about gifted education and achievement gaps.

Finally, Part IV offers a variety of practical strategies for making equity real in your classrooms, no matter what grade level or subject area you teach.

Throughout each chapter, you’ll find stories, examples, and research to bring the ideas to life. With the concrete suggestions in this book, you’ll be able to overcome deficit models, focus on opportunities for academic success and educational justice, and make equity tangible for each of your students.

* Also available: Tangible Equity Book Study
The Tangible Equity book study includes a bank of downloadable materials and discussion guides that can be incorporated into your self-directed book study sessions, as well as a 30 minute Q&A video call with author Colin Seale to wrap up your book study. Request your quote today!

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"Tangible Equity is a must-read for all educators who care about what it takes to truly live together in the "land of the free" and the "home of the brave." Using his personal experiences, shrewd observations and provocative metaphors, Seale offers us the clearest rationale for school-based equity practices coupled with commonsense 'Tuesday-morning-in-October' strategies for raising critical thinkers at every level. "
Kimberly L. Mitchell, M.Ed.
Founder, Inquiry Partners

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