Our award-winning, standards-aligned curriculum helps educators unleash the critical thinking potential of all students.

Our interactive, practical PD helps teachers apply Socratic and other powerful problem-solving methods to what they actually teach

Strengthen your child’s ability to think independently and critically through conversations and
be better problem solvers.

Seamlessly integrate our culturally responsive critical thinking frameworks into your districts existing programming and curriculum.

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Critical thinking is the precursor to innovation, a key to college and career readiness and has been linked to more positive life outcomes. The complex global challenges we face today have placed a peak demand for critical thinkers. 

But our supply is limited because critical thinking is still a luxury good: only 1 of 10 educators teach it, and it’s usually only taught at the best schools or to the best students. 

This means that most students are taught to ask “what” and “how to” instead of “why” and “what if,” and rarely learn the habits and mindsets needed to apply critical thinking consistently.


"All of the critical thinking strategies in the world are meaningless if educators don't believe that ALL students are capable of excellence."

- Colin Seale

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thinkLaw’s award-winning curriculum helps educators unleash the critical thinking potential of all students using real-life legal cases in grades 3-12 and fairy tales and nursery rhymes for grades K-2 using rigorous and engaging lessons. 

thinkLaw is also standards-aligned, allowing teachers to incorporate it into what they are already doing in their classrooms, requiring under 20 minutes of prep time.

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    thinkLaw exists to create a world where critical thinking is no longer a luxury good. We help educators teach critical thinking to all students, not just the highest achieving ones at the most exclusive schools.

    Award-winning curriculum & professional development

    Powerful workshops,
    in-person and virtual training

    An at-home critical thinking program for parents & families

    Colin Seale’s Best-seller, Thinking Like A Lawyer

    thinkLaw Founder & CEO available for keynotes & speaking

    A custom cohort to advance equity at your school and in your classrooms


    What Some Of Our Partners Are Saying

    “30 kids...in a classroom...raising their hands and being engaged into a curriculum that they know nothing about without being forced to do it, it's amazing to see that.”

    Tim Alexander
    Marion C. Moore School
    “My students improved their ability to analyze evidence more objectively, look at issues from multiple perspectives, and place individual legal cases within the bigger picture of justice and fairness.”
    Equipo Academy
    “thinkLaw allowed us to push students beyond just finding the 'right' answer, and forced them to dig deep into their reasoning to find creative ways to identify and solve problems.”
    Dawson College Bound
    “This innovative program allows us to seamlessly offer an elective that creates the engaging, evolving structure that our students need, and minimizes the time for instructors to plan and prepare lessons.”
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