Top 5 thinkLaw Podcasts 2020

At thinkLaw we were proud to be a part of some amazing conversations on some incredible podcasts throughout 2020, and even launched our very own thinkLaw podcast this year! We’ve rounded up the best of our CEO and Founder, Colin Seale’s appearances on podcasts as well as some of the most-listened-to episodes of The thinkLaw Podcast. Happy listening!

1. “YOU’VE GOTTA STOP ACTING LIKE YOU’RE NOT QUALIFIED TO TELL A STORY” on the How to Make Love Podcast Check out Colin chatting about imposter syndrome, authenticity, and making sure all kids get the learning experiences they deserve.

2. “Episode 52: Developing Critical Thinking Skills” onThe Mind Matters Podcast When a student asks a question, we can’t just give them the answer. That’s missing out on crucial critical thinking development. Listen in as Colin talks more about how students learn to think critically.

3.  “Episode 19: Critical Thinking with Colin Seale” on the Bright Now Podcast Colin discusses how a lack of education equity prevents students from developing critical thinking skills, and how crucial of a role parents and educators play in this development.

4.What If We Radically Shift How We Think About Education? A Conversation with Colin Seale” on the Dear White Women Podcast Colin joins the Dear White Women Podcast team for a conversation on how the in order to reach true education equity we must reimagine the system, and shares how white parents and adults can play a role in this endeavor.

5. “Episode 8: Why Race Must Be a Part of Critical Thinking About Real World Problems” on The thinkLaw Podcast What does race have to do with critical thinking? It is impossible to separate race from real-world problems. In this episode, you will join Colin to learn how to center race as an important factor in your critical thinking, and how you can become a coconspirator in the fight for racial justice.


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