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thinkLaw is seeking a full-time, remote Executive Assistant (EA) for the CEO & Founder, Colin Seale. This EA will enhance the focus and impact of the CEO by providing consistent and thoughtful communication, creative solutions to challenges, impeccable time management, and proactive management of the CEO’s daily and quarterly priorities.


thinkLaw exists to create a world where critical thinking is no longer a luxury good. We help educators teach critical thinking to all students, not just the highest achieving ones at the most exclusive schools. Rote memorization and spoon-fed learning will not prepare young people for the rapidly changing workforce that awaits them. This is why thinkLaw increases educational equity by giving all students access to critical thinking. We do this through our award-winning curriculum that uses real-life legal cases in upper grades and fairy tales and nursery rhymes in lower grades as a hook to unleash the critical thinking potential of all students and powerful professional development that helps educators apply rigorous inquiry strategies that help them transform from asking “what” and “how to” to “why” and “what if.”



Our Approach – The thinkLaw Method


  1. We make it easy. We are always willing to do the hard work on our end if it’s going to make someone’s work easier on the other side.
  1. We make it engaging. We work hard to make sure our work is received with tears, hell yeahs, this is unacceptables, gasps, are you freaking kidding me, and laughter because we understand that the emotional connection that comes from engaging our partners and community members.
  1. We ground our work in critical thinking. We consider multiple perspectives, we use evidence to back up our decision-making, and we are committed to continuous improvement of our thinking around every aspect of what we do.
  1. We err on the side of fairness and justice, always. We consider equity, not equality in deciding what is needed for our team, our partners, and our work. We understand that what is legal is not always just and what is acceptable is not always fair, and actively seek to be the hammer that helps to bend the arc of history towards justice.

the executive assistant position may be for you if you:


  • love coordinating chaos so that each detail is aligned with the organization’s greater priorities,
  • are more than just a task-taker. You’re a consultative, proactive partner to your client,
  • identify as a “just to make sure I’m clear” double-checker recipient of instructions,
  • always think around corners, working to proactively solve problems and identify solutions before they happen,
  • are a servant leader. You are passionate about education equity and are excited for long-term growth with a small but mighty startup 
  • excel in a startup environment under pressure, tight deadlines, and high stakes culture.

executive assistant responsibilities:


  • Scheduling + Calendar Management
    • Coordinate meetings with multiple parties, internal and external, across time zones
    • Serve as gatekeeper to CEO
    • Proactively manage calendars and CEO priorities through a daily, weekly and monthly lens
    • Set up succinct calendar holds with the links & attachments needed for each meeting
    • Provide consideration of family matters when scheduling, including children sick days, school breaks, health appointments, childcare during work travel, vacations, etc.
  • Contact Management
    • Keeping the CEO up-to-speed on his partner portfolio (status of communication, next steps, new proposals, etc.).
    • Support reminders for important events (birthdays, anniversaries, milestones for friends/colleagues)
  • Meeting Prep + Accountability
    • Manage pre-work structure, event details and timeline for key thinkLaw meetings and speaking engagements
    • Block preparation and work time for all key meetings and events
    • Provide prep materials for meetings, including research for 1:1 calls, as needed
    • Follow-up on meeting action items and establish timeline, next steps, and ownership for deliverables
  • Email + Inbox Management
    • Proactively action inbox items that do not require CEO involvement
    • Monitoring information flow and determining when to involve the CEO and when to delegate to other staff.
    • Tee up draft responses to key emails, as needed
  • Travel + Logistics
    • Research and coordinate travel for internal and external meetings, including RSVPs, flight details, accommodations, transportation, meals/reservations, itineraries, meeting rooms, directions, etc
    • Support flight check-in and rescheduling, in the event of cancellation or delay
    • Confirm appointments during travel days
    • Oversee logistics for all thinkLaw meetings, including but not limited to meeting facilities, travel schedules and transportation sharing, meals, and itineraries.

The must-Haves


  • An impeccable reputation for honesty and integrity.
  • Experience with a variety of tech tools and the ability to learn new tools and skills quickly
  • A knack for managing up to the CEO to keep him aligned with his priorities
  • An ability to not only solve problems, but find them, discovering what you do not know and having the ability to gain whatever skills necessary to get the job done.
  • An ability to empathize with the priorities and needs of potential partners and communicate directly to these needs through the services and products of thinkLaw.  
  • Someone described as independent, innovative, self-motivated, and disciplined with an ability to meet deadlines and big-ambitious-goals.
  • Superb communication and customer service skills across a variety of stakeholders and industries, both internally and externally. 
  • Proven ability to manage several projects at one time while paying strict attention to details in a virtual workplace.



  • Autonomy and independence
  • Flexible work environment (virtual workspace) and family-friendly business practices
  • Base Salary:  $50,000 annually  
  • Competitive benefits, including healthcare and dental coverage reimbursements.
  • The opportunity to work for a mission-based, social enterprise that is revolutionizing education, with significant opportunities for growth both in impact and in compensation within the first 6 months of employment.

To Apply


thinkLaw is an Equal Opportunity Employer. If this position speaks to you, please submit a resume and cover letter as PDFs to Julianna Kobs at julianna@33vincent.com with the subject line (EA Application | FIRSTNAME_LASTNAME).


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