The holidays are here! This time of the year is always a bit of a whirlwind for teachers—the semester is ending, report card grades are due, there are class parties and concerts and celebrations. Not to mention our own at-home preparations and all the family holiday logistics! Couple the normal craziness with a year unlike any other, and this holiday season might be bringing more stress than joy.

Here are some great resources for teachers looking to make the last few weeks of 2020 go as smoothly as possible:

Mindful Teachers — This website is an excellent resource for teachers looking to bring mindfulness into their teaching practice—or their life outside of the classroom. Teachers can’t be great for their students (or their families) if they’re not taking time to care for themselves.

Passion Planner Resources Page To-do lists this time of the year seems to never end. To help you keep yourself organized (or maybe to help you set yourself off on the right foot in 2021) leverage these amazing lists from the Passion Planner team—there are calendars, to-do lists, but also interesting extras, such as coloring pages and activism planners.

The end of the first half of the year can make it hard for students (and teachers!) to stay focused. Do yourself a favor: have some fun, but don’t sacrifice content. Leverage these engagement tools to make your classes worthwhile—and engaging.

Factile — This Jeopardy-inspired platform would work great for online or in-person learning. Use it for a fun check for understanding or as part of your end of semester review.  Bonus: think of a fun or silly way your students can “buzz in,” or have them work in teams!

EdPuzzle Looking to brighten up your presentations? EdPuzzle helps you turn any video or slideshow into an interactive learning experience for students. This platform is especially great for those asynchronous learning days, or for student-led independent work time.

And of course, our thinkLaw Holiday Lessons! For our younger learners, check out the Legend of the Evergreens and Nuttin’ For Christmas? Not on our watch! and, for our older learners, check out Don’t Be a Grinch and Festive or Fearful.

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