At thinkLaw, we strive to bring the world of critical thinking to you and your students in a way that is practical but powerful. One great resource that you can always access is our blog, where our Founder and CEO Colin Seale shares his thoughts. Check out our Top 5 thinkLaw Blog Posts of 2020:

1. “The Secret to Distance Learning During the Coronavirus Pandemic? Learning is Still the FocusMany schools and systems around the nation took to virtual learning for students during the pandemic.Distance learning gives educators a chance to make learning more individualized for students.  Check out thisthinkLaw blog post for strategies on how to prioritize student learning in distance learning models.

2. “Want Racial Justice? Let’s Finally Retire the Term ‘Implicit’ BiasIn order to achieve racial justice, we must stop letting “implicit” bias let us off the hook and come face-to-face with our EXPLICIT bias.

3.  “Gifted at 7 and ADHD at 37: My Story and the Costs of Over-Looking Twice-Exceptionality Colin shares his story as a child identified as gifted and later as an adult diagnosed with ADHD, and urges educators to learn more about and embrace 2e students.

4. Black Lives Matter. Black Minds Matter, Too. The Case for Prioritizing Equity in Gifted Education Programs as an Urgent Racial Justice Issue. Colin makes the case that not only do Black lives matter, but Black brains matter, too, and calls to attention the urgent shift needed in access to equitable gifted education

5. “Three Reasons ‘Just a Teacher’ is the Ultimate Qualification for Anything Being “just a teacher” automatically makes you the most qualified person in the room! This piece reminds teachers (and others) that they are adaptable, creative, and master communicators.


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