Top 3 thinkLaw Lessons on TeachersPayTeachers

As we count down to the New Year, we’re looking back at our top moments from 2018. Here are the top 3 thinkLaw lessons on TeachersPayTeachers from the past year!

FIVE Holiday Persuasive Writing Lessons Using REAL-LIFE Court Cases

We all know the holidays bring drama. And who loves drama more than teenagers? Our holiday persuasive writing lesson plan has student analyze the facts and then use the DRAAW + C writing framework used in law schools across the country to write their argument.

Not My Fault: Using Court Cases for Persuasive Writing

A man stops to help with a car accident and is struck by a car. A woman rents a home only to fall through the floor of her outhouse into the waste below. Who is responsible for these injuries? Not My Fault uses real life, high-interest, and high-profile court cases involving accidents and liability to help students develop critical thinking skills as they learn to think and write like a lawyer

Monkey Business: Using Court Cases for Persuasive Writing

Did you know that a monkey sued a photographer over the rights to a selfie? The monkey took the picture, so should he own the rights? What sort of implications would be created if he won? Students debate the answers to those questions and more in Monkey Business.

thinkLaw helps educators teach critical thinking to ALL students. Click here to download a free sample lesson plan.

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