Top 3 thinkLaw Blog Posts of 2018

As we count down to the New Year, we’re looking back at our top moments from 2018. Here are the top 3 most-read thinkLaw blog posts of the year!

Help me Understand: 4 Ways to Use Critical Thinking to Develop Empathy

Intellectual empathy is something that can be taught in a classroom. Educator, mother of four boys, and thinkLaw training and curriculum manager, Sarah Pfeiler, breaks down the difference between emotional empathy and intellectual empathy – and explains how critical thinking can build intellectual empathy in your students.

5 Questions Principals Should Ask to Assess Critical Thinking Instruction in Teacher Observations

thinkLaw founder and CEO Colin Seale shares a story from his time in the classroom – when he made a common mistake: confusing engagement with learning. Read this lesson learned and pick up five questions to ask next time you’re performing teacher observations.

3 Strategies For Increasing Student Voice in Your Classroom

Students love to talk, guest blogger Leshae Daniels reminds us, and giving students the opportunity to express themselves in the classroom can be one of the most powerful tools a teacher can use when educating their students. Here’s how you can structure the conversations in your classrooms to empower your students.

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