Top 3 thinkLaw Articles of 2018

As we count down to the New Year, we’re looking back at our top moments from 2018. Here are the top 3 thinkLaw lessons on TeachersPayTeachers from the past year!

Two Percent is Not Enough: Two Takeaways from the Second Annual National Black Male Educators Convening

Black men make up only 2% of the national teaching force. This is not enough. But focusing on increasing this number alone is not enough either. Colin Seale reflects on his time at the National Black Male Educators Convening in this article posted on Philly’s 7th Ward.

When Love Is Grounded in the Soft Bigotry of Low Expectations, It’s the Wrong Kind of Love

If our love for students is about protecting them from challenges we believe they won’t be able to handle, it’s the wrong kind of love. If our love for students is about helping them to the point where they develop a sense of learned helplessness, it’s the wrong kind of love. And if our love is grounded in the soft bigotry of low expectations, it is the wrong kind of love. Colin Seale talks about how teachers can prepare their students for real-life challenges on the Education Post.

Here’s the One Thing You Haven’t Heard About LeBron’s New School

The critical thinking gap is the most important equity issue no one is talking about, and now LeBron James is making strides towards closing that gap. Colin Seale shares how LeBron’s I Promise school is leading by example on the Education Post

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