thinksGiving: thinkLaw Activities To Complement Your Thanksgiving Traditions


The holidays are a great time to connect with family and friends, but if we’re being honest, it can feel a little stressful too. Tiptoeing around hot topics, dodging questions you don’t want to answer, and trying to find something, anything, your kids will eat out of the 17 different food platters laid out across the table.


The hustle and bustle (and chaos) of the holidays is exactly what inspired our thinkLaw thinksGiving Activities! We put together a Thanksgiving resource to get your kids flexing their critical thinking muscles, and while we can’t guarantee it will keep the peace, it will definitely keep your kiddos busy without breaking out the tablets.


Available in English and Spanish, we hope our thinksGiving Activities provide the opportunity to gather with your people and make lasting memories. To access your copy, visit the link below.

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