The thinkLaw Podcast: challenging your viewpoint in 20 minutes or less

Because there isn’t enough information bombarding you already, we decided to make a podcast for you! AND, so you never have to think about what that thinkLaw podcast is called, we’re calling it the original and creative title of…drum roll, please… The thinkLaw Podcast.

The thinkLaw Podcast is a succinct, 15-20 min podcast that challenges you to imagine a world where critical thinking is no longer a luxury good and equips you with the powerful but practical tools to make that possible in our schools, in leadership, and in our homes.

Listen on Apple or Spotify (or anywhere else you listen to podcasts!) to catch the latest practical and immediately applicable tools to close the critical thinking gap in our classrooms, organizations, and in our homes.

Check out the first episodes HERE and be sure and Subscribe for easy access to the newest episodes!

P.S. We have lots planned for you in the coming episodes but if you have any specifics topics or struggles you would like us to address, drop a comment or email us at

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