The COVID-19 Pandemic’s Uneven Unemployment Impact Shows Why It Pays To Go To College More Than Ever [VIA FORBES]

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The phrase “college isn’t for everyone” is more questionable than ever in an economy ravaged by the COVID-19 pandemic. Undervaluing the worth of post-secondary education has long been suspect. For all population subgroups and people of color and women, in particular, the economic impact shows that it literally still pays to go to college. A closer look at the uneven negative effect of the COVID-19 economic shutdown shows that a Bachelor’s degree is as much of a predictor of a reduced economic downside as it is for a greater economic upside.

The Bureau for Labor Statistics’ April 2020 job report reveals that the unemployment rate is currently 14.7%. The jump from March 2020’s 10.3% rate to April’s rate is the highest unemployment rate month-to-month increase since reporting started in 1948. However, the economic pain of the COVID-19 pandemic is not distributed equally. Click here to read more…


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