The Case For Critical Thinking: The COVID-19 Pandemic And An Urgent Call To Close The Critical Thinking Gap In Education [VIA FORBES]

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The world’s greatest health crisis in 100 years has forced educators to rapidly transform learning spaces from brick and mortar settings to distance learning settings. The most discussed aspect of this transition is the vast number of students lacking access to the devices and connectivity they need to engage in distance learning.

This is not really news. Before this crisis, it was already known that although 70% of teachers in United States assigned homework that requires internet access, 15% of student households lack high-speed internet. For families earning under $30,000 annually, this rate jumps to 33%. Despite the awe-inspiring efforts of school systems and communities rallying to get devices and connectivity sorted out for hundreds of thousands of students, initial data suggests that nationwide, vast numbers of students are not logging in. With public schools shut down in every state and 15 states deciding to not reopen for the remainder of the school year, meaningful access to technology will play a crucial role in distance learning. Click here to read more...


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