Message from Colin Seale, thinkLaw’s Founder and CEO

I struggle thinking about all the ways students without access, support, and fulfillment of their basic needs lack meaningful opportunities to learn during these unprecedented times. I struggle even more when I think about how these students often face the same inequitable barriers to learning during “normal” times. What fires me up and moves me past this is a “there’s always next year” motivation grounded in an urgent fight for equity: the chance to redefine what “normal” ought to be. My part of this is fighting for a new normal where critical thinking is no longer a luxury good. Maybe you will fight for a new normal where parents are treasured as indispensable partners in their children’s academic success or a new normal where every educator leverages tech as a transformational resource to expand opportunities. But no matter what the fight, I urge you to fight boldly, pushing through these abnormal times with abnormal bravery. Because going back to “normal” is simply not an option.


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Distance learning is now part of the thinkLaw curriculum! thinkLaw lessons are now accessible for students at home. These easy-to-use resources include video and allow teachers to share critical thinking lessons that students can do on their own.Request a quote to give your students much-needed critical thinking opportunities NOW, and your license will automatically be extended until the end of the 2020-21 school year.

Check out this FREE Distance Learning Lesson to see what our distance learning looks on YouTube or Google Drive.

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Distance Learning is hard. Lesson planning for distance learning is even harder. Let thinkLaw help! We’ve recorded lessons that will get your students thoroughly engaged and critically thinking, and all you have to do is send your students the link.

Enlist your early elementary students as Brer Rabbit’s Lawyer and get your upper elementary involved in the debate on what “milk” even is. Use real-life legal cases to help your middle and high schoolers learn how to make and evaluate tough decisions while staying in engaged in the process.

P.S. Already a thinkLaw partner? You already have access to these and 20+ distance learning videos in your thinkLaw drive!

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