What if a lawyer’s critical thinking skills could be taught ALL children? Even to children in early elementary school?  Students as young as 4 and 5 years old can learn to look at problems and solutions from multiple angles and develop the critical thinking skills, habits, and mindsets they need to be successful 21st Century learners.  


Request a quote for thinkLaw’s award-winning curriculum now to use our engaging and rigorous real-life legal cases to help teachers give students the essential critical thinking skills they need for success. 


We’re excited to announce the latest volume in our Early Elementary thinkLaw offerings!  Volume 3 uses classic Americana folktales to guide students through law school critical thinking exercises.   

  • Reach a settlement agreement to help Brer Rabbit smooth things over with the other animals. 
  • Brainstorm important questions about key characters like Paul Bunyan and Sally Ann Thunder Ann Whirlwind 
  • Get to the root cause of why Annie Keelboat is so tired and brainstorm solutions for her to solve her problems 
  • Launch an investigation to determine what big adventure Pecos Bill should have next 
  • Help Annie Oakley evaluate and make a tough decision.  


thinkLaw is applying our approach to critical thinking to the youngest learners and revolutionizing early education instruction with our standards-aligned curriculum that uses classic stories and characters – because there are a lot of shady characters in children’s literature.  


The thinkLaw Early Elementary Edition (K-2) applies the same strategies employed by top law schools at an age and developmentally appropriate level for young children. The thinkLaw curriculum is simple and easy to follow; allowing anyone to facilitate high-quality instruction with minimal prep time.  Additionally, we have videos of these lessons available for thinkLaw partners to help during this time of distance learning. 


Download your Early Elementary Sample Here 


Critical thinking can no longer be a luxury good, and thinkLaw is already shifting this narrative. Call us now at (702) 318-7512 to learn how to adopt our Early Elementary Edition Program. 


Master powerful, but practical strategies to help students unleash their passion and gifts with your copy of “Thinking Like a Lawyer: A Framework for Teaching Critical Thinking to All Students” today! Click here to get your copy.

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