A Perfect Time To End Our STEM Obsession: 3 Ideas For Teaching Critical Thinking At Home During (And After) The Coronavirus Pandemic [via Forbes]

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The coronavirus pandemic has put a dramatic pause on life as we know it. Recommendations for social distancing have forced school closures impacting millions of children. These unprecedented times put school systems in the unfamiliar position of figuring out to provide distance learning opportunities for all students. At the same time, many parents and families find themselves in the surprising role of home-schooling their children, relying on a hodgepodge of e-learning apps many educational companies are generously offering for free.

With all we currently know about the negative consequences of children having too much screen time, families are stuck in a bind, especially working families. How can parents balance their children’s educational needs and limit screen time while also managing their own schedule of working remotely? Click here to read more.


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