thinkLaw Newsletter: Gifted at 7 and ADHD at 37

Gifted at 7. ADHD at 37

There is a cost to not identifying and supporting twice-exceptional students. Colin Seale’s story explains why.

Message from Colin Seale, thinkLaw’s Founder and CEO
My latest thinkLaw blog piece Gifted at 7, ADHD at 37: My Story and the Costs of Overlooking Twice-Exceptionality was our most viewed post since launching thinkLaw 5 years ago. It was also the hardest piece I ever wrote because it forced me to confront resentment and pain. It hurts that instead of helping me, the adults in my life labeled me defective. I am different, not defective. And I launched thinkLaw to help teachers reach kids like me whose brilliance rarely fits into the conforming box of K-12 education but still deserves to be unleashed. This is all part of my #BecauseNotDespite journey, and I’m thrilled that you have chosen to be a part of this work!

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Colin to Host Parent Webinar on Tues, April 7This webinar will give parents of gifted children powerful, but practical tools to understand the harms of the “full potential” myth and practical tools to move towards a more healthy, hopeful, and happy path to set children up to excel.


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