thinkLaw Newsletter: This Is What I Want to Tell My Grandchildren

Message from Colin Seale, thinkLaw’s Founder and CEO

I see the leadership of educators and parents stepping up to the plate in these unprecedented times and I’m inspired. I’m inspired because parents became teachers overnight. So I thought of some easy-to-use strategies parents can use to sustainably teach critical thinking at home and I’m hosting a Facebook Live session on the Texas Association for the Gifted and Talented‘s Facebook page this Thursday, 3/19 at 4pm pst/7pm est. I’m inspired by teachers who were reluctant to use tech and still became enthusiastic virtual educators overnight. So I thought about important questions of equity and access school systems should consider when implementing distance learning programs. When my grandchildren ask me about this time (I’m fast-forwarding to grandchildren because being an unexpected home-school parent makes you want to fast-forward to grandchildren), I want to be proud about being one of countless global citizens who did their part. Let’s keep it going. And if you want to connect about ideas we can use to make it through these times, please do reach out!

1. STUDENTS: Millions of children across the country have seen their lives upended by the coronavirus pandemic. As schools have closed, social distancing policies have been put into place, and so many other decisions have been made to impact their lives, an important question must be asked. What if children have the answers we’ve been looking for? 

Our Hack-a-Thon for Social Change, COVID-19 Edition gives you FREE RESOURCES (download Part 1 and Part 2) to have children be the solution. Parents or teachers, give this resource to children of ALL ages to have them thinking critically and creating amazing ideas!

CLICK HERE for the free resource download (Part 2 is available there as well). 


2. LEADERS: Distance Learning During The Coronavirus Pandemic: Equity And Access Questions For School LeadersThe coronavirus pandemic is revealing new layers of inequity that may end up setting us back even further. How can school systems that struggle to deliver equitable results in a standard brick and mortar setting overcome the added challenges inherent in distance learning?

With an innovative spirit in mind, there are two questions education leaders can ask in order to address the equity issues presented by this transition to distance learning. Read more about tackling equity and access during the Coronavirus pandemic HERE. If you think we can help you brainstorm how to make your distance learning program equitably, accessible, and impactful, click HERE to connect with Colin to discuss ideas.


3. PARENTS: Families across the country have been asked to transform into home-school teachers with little or no notice. As your children’s first teacher, you are inherently qualified to do this. But how do you successfully keep your students engaged in learning, especially when you may be balancing your own worries and remote work? We’ve got you covered with some free resources!

Check out Colin’s latest Forbes article, A Perfect Time To End Our STEM Obsession: 3 Ideas For Teaching Critical Thinking At Home During (And After) The Coronavirus Pandemic”, for powerful, but practical tips for engaging your children at home without losing your mind during these unprecedented times.

Better yet, learn from Colin directly through TAGT’s Live parent event on Thursday, 3/9 at 6 pm CST. Like and Follow the TAGT Facebook page here to get a notification about the event. 

Check out our Teachers Pay Teachers store for some low prep, FREE and several low-cost critical thinking lessons to engage your children.

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