[Podcast + Article] Finding the Funk: 3 Ways to Add Culturally Responsive Critical Thinking to Your Lessons

When is a circle more than just a circle? Middle school students can memorize the formal definition of a circle: the set of all points equidistant from a single point. But what happens when that single point is my middle school, and I need to figure out how far I need to walk in each direction to find the closest healthy grocery store option? Or when I compare my circle to the circles for schools located in neighborhoods with different socioeconomic and racial demographics?  

By framing the definition of a circle within the controversial but relatable issue of community food deserts, we enhance student opportunities for deeper learning. But reframing your existing curriculum can seem unrealistic for those days when overwhelmed, under-resourced educators feel even more overwhelmed and under-resourced than usual.   

Read the rest of Colin Seale’s article and listen to the Cult of Pedagogy podcast interview with Colin at the link below!

Check out “The Magic of Mistakes: 4 Ways to Boost Critical Thinking With Mistake Analysis” by Colin Seale, also on the Cult of Pedagogy website!


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