From Playing the Game to Slaying the Game: Why I Wrote ‘Tangible Equity’

It is not enough for us to simply teach kids to play the game. Disrupting the unacceptably predictive power of demographics through academic success is a must. We must go further and help kids SLAY the game. 

We’re excited to share this new, deeply personal piece that thinkLaw Founder & CEO wrote for The74 explaining why he wrote the book, Tangible Equity.

An excerpt from “From Playing the Game to Slaying the Game: Why I Wrote ‘Tangible Equity’” below…

“Can you do an equity workshop for my teachers?”

After five years of leading thinkLaw, where I work with school systems across the nation to help them create a reality where critical thinking is no longer a luxury good, I was extremely reluctant to step into the world of “equity training” when the demand exploded after the summer of 2020.

For one, I took great pride in my obsessive focus on practical, but powerful tools educators could use to seamlessly integrate critical thinking into their existing content. As a Black man leading this work, it meant something to be known as a curriculum and instruction expert, a resource for enhancing access and outcomes in gifted and talented programs, and a trusted guide for helping parents and families nurture critical thinking at home. I refused to be pigeonholed as the “DEI guy.” 

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