thinkLaw Founder/CEO Colin Seale received an excellent education as a first generation American in a single parent home in Brooklyn, NY.

But 10 years ago, Colin decided that his high-quality education should not be an exception to the rule, but a basic right for all children regardless of their zip code and who their parents are. This mission inspired Colin to teach in Washington, D.C. as a Teach for America corps member, to serve our youth as an analyst in child welfare for the Clark County Department of Family Services, and guide him back to the classroom in Las Vegas while attending The University of Nevada, Las Vegas’ Boyd School of Law at night, and grounded his practice as a litigation and intellectual property attorney at one of the world’s largest law firms.

A few months ago Colin decided to make a more direct impact on educational equity, asking himself: “what if all students had the opportunity to engage in the high-level critical thinking typically reserved for law students and attorneys?”

Critical thinking is one of the most valued 21st century skills, but it is hard to teach.

thinkLaw solves this problem by using real-life legal cases as a conduit for critical thinking instruction, an innovative approach that combines our inherent interest in justice and fairness with an engaging set of critical thinking learning activities across multiple subject areas. thinkLaw has already been implemented at 15 different schools and organizations, including elementary, middle, and high schools, college and workforce development programs.

Please join the thinkLaw journey by encouraging every educator, public servant, human resource professional, and parent to experience thinkLaw for themselves. A thinkLaw sample lesson is live and ready to download by clicking the button below.


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