[Podcast] Adventures in Being Gifted

[Podcast] Adventures in Being Gifted

What we realized in 8 years of doing this work is that, when most educators say ‘these kids can’t,’ what they really are trying to say is ‘I have no idea how to create the learning conditions so that all kids CAN.’ What sounds like a gap of will is actually a gap of skill.” – Colin Seale

In this powerful conversation, Colin Seale, Founder and CEO of thinkLaw, joins Jill Hartsock & Jessica Mullen, of the podcast Adventures in Being Gifted, to discuss how educators can reject “these kids can’t” syndrome and the power of teaching kids how to access their innate critical thinking gifts.

“No one has ever told kids in urban areas who would never fall for a hustle on the street that that same kind of knowledge can protect them from being hustled by test-makers.”

Don’t miss this deep dive where Colin, Jill, & Jessica talk about the critical thinking strategies that allow us to unlock the brilliance of EACH student.


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