A Message from Colin Seale, thinkLaw Founder and CEO

Colin speaking at Teach for America Phoenix’s 25th Anniversary Gala on February 21, 2019.

As we are in the exciting phase of expanding thinkLaw’s impact beyond the 125+ schools and organizations in 15 states we currently serve, there is one crucial space our critical thinking revolution has not touched on enough: testing. I am a test junkie, and love nothing more than the gamemanship of figuring out a test format, learning the tricks, and rocking it out! But too often, especially during test prep season in schools, preparing for high stakes state exams becomes a dreadful task for teachers and students alike. So in this month’s newsletter, I’m excited to share 5 tips for hacking test prep with critical thinking, curricular resources to up the rigor and engagement with thinkLaw March resources for the NCAA Basketball Tournament, Pi Day, and St. Patrick’s Day, and exciting announcements about thinkLaw’s new summer, project-based learning programs you can adopt now! Lastly, remember that you can wear the power of critical thinking and support our work with thinkLaw’s “Don’t raise your voice. Improve your argument” t-shirt! Thank you for all of your support in helping us create a world where critical thinking is no longer a luxury good.

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  thinkLaw Updates

Early Elementary: Volume 2

Critical thinking isn’t just for the big kids! thinkLaw’s award-winning, standards-aligned curriculum helps educators unleash the critical thinking potential of even the youngest learners leveraging law school exercises that dig deeper into fairy tales and folks stories from around the world. After all, there are some shady characters in children’s literature! Check out samples of our Common Core and TEKs-aligned editions and click here for a quote to start preparing your young learners to be the global leaders of tomorrow, today!
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When was the last time…

The history of the world is, in many ways, the history of young people changing the world. So why not give your students the opportunity to use critical skill not just to analyze the way the world is, but the way the world ought to be? This is precisely why thinkLaw is excited to launch our new Environmental Justice Curriculum in time for 21st century summer school programs. These exciting lessons with project-based learning extensions are a rigorous and engaging way to unleash out students’ potential, so request your quote before it’s too late!

Check Out Our March 2019 Offerings

March is a month that renews not only the magical green outside, but also the magic that can be created for each student and teacher. This March step outside your classroom by simply snagging these easy-to-instruct lessons will renew that spark in critical thinking that might have gone dormant this winter.  Head over to thinkLaw’s online store now and download our lessons to cultivate a critical thinking climate today with our Bad Luck: Investigation & Discovery, Everyone Wants a Piece of the PI: Intro to Legal Writingand Should College Athletes Be Paid? for upper grades and our Catching Leprechauns: Critical Thinking Rigor & Fun lesson for lower grades.

What we’ve been talking about

Podcast Feature: Colin on The Psychology Podcast

“At a certain point, the outcome is the opportunity. We have to focus on the bottom line: what is it going to take to get kids ready?” This was just one of the nuggets Colin discussed in the latest episode of Dr. Scott Barry Kaufran’s The Psychology Podcast! He also discussed:

  • Pragmatic Approaches to Solving Educational Inequalities 
  • The Twice Exceptional Movement 
  • How the Victory is in The Struggle 
  • Why We Need To Recognize Disruptors as Innovators

Listen Now to find out why over 15,000 people downloaded this podcast episode in one day!

“Re-imagining the Role of School Counselors” 

“Imagine a world where learning to resolve conflicts, manage stress and pressure, and developing resilience was as important as mastering academic standards. Guess what? We’re already in this world!” Check out Colin’s latest piece in Getting Smart and read the four practical strategies for school systems to stop overlooking school counselors’ roles in student success. Read More

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With thinkLaw’s exclusive apparel, you can represent the power of critical thinking as soon as you walk into the room–be it a classroom, conference room or your living room. All sales help support thinkLaw’s work in schools across the country. Join our critical thinking revolution now by ordering your thinkLaw swag today! 

California Charter School Conference
Sacramento, CA | March 12-13

TAGT Leadership Conference
Georgetown, TX | April 15-16

California Charter School Conference
Sacramento, CA | March 12-13TAGT Leadership ConferenceGeorgetown, TX | April 15-16

  • The Bigger Picture: Leveraging G/T Education to Maximize Achievement for ALL Students 

CLASS Coalition’s 4th Annual Summit
New York, NY | May 2-3 

  • Gifted Education for the Cool Kids

Washington State Charter School Association Conference 
SeaTac, WA | May 3-4

  • Closing the Critical Thinking Gap: From Elementary To High School Through Parenthood 

Gifted Parent Professional Development 
Scottsdale, AZ |  

  • Defeating the I Don’t Care Syndrome 

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