No More “Sit & Get”: Critical Thinking & the thinkLaw Professional Learning Difference

What does meaningful professional development really look like? A 2015 study conducted by The New Teacher Project found that, while districts spend an average of $18,000 per teacher, per year on professional development, only 3 in 10 teachers demonstrate substantial improvement. This isn’t to say that great teaching and the capacity for teachers to improve their skills are not possible. But as evidenced by this report, the professional development programs that do exist are not helping teachers understand how to improve—or even that they have room to improve at all. There’s a common culture of low expectations in these professional development programs that make it difficult for teachers to understand and address their strengths and weaknesses to improve and even when teachers feel inspired to adopt what they have learned in these programs, they often lack the practical strategies and know-how to apply it in their classrooms.

This is why thinkLaw is excited to announce our Critical Thinking Professional Learning Series (CTPLS) which redefines traditional professional development and puts teachers at the center of their own learning rather than in the audience.

thinkLaw’s powerful CTPLS can be a helpful stand-alone resource, but we don’t just stop there! We provide teachers with the coaching, follow-up, tools and supports to deliver rigorous and engaging critical thinking instruction through enhanced inquiry strategies that bring the Socratic method to life. And just as teachers are expected to personalize curriculum to their student’s individual needs, we tailor our CTPLS to the individual needs of each teacher.  

We couldn’t be more excited to introduce our Critical Thinking Professional Learning Series and focus on the heart of what teachers really need: in-classroom solutions to increase rigor, student engagement, and relevant learning opportunities that make teachers the best they can be.

To learn more about thinkLaw’s transformative Critical Thinking Professional Learning Series, click here

To learn how your school or organization can adopt thinkLaw’s standards-aligned program that helps educators teach critical thinking to all students, please click here to schedule a time to speak with someone on the thinkLaw team, call us now at (702) 318-7512 or join us on our next webinar; Thinking Like a Lawyer: Powerful Strategies to Teach Critical Thinking to All Students

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