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thinkLaw and West Allis-West Milwaukee School District

Founder and CEO of thinkLaw, Colin Seale, recaps his time with the West Allis-West Milwaukee School District.

The West Allis-West Milwaukee School District is putting in the time and effort to take a systemic level approach to how they are working to provide equitable, tier one instruction in their schools. Seale describes his two days at Central High School as an exciting time working with educators to implement strategies that engage students at high levels and keep them there using scaffolding. He continues on to say it’s thrilling to build rapport with teachers who are committing to the work for the long haul.


Colin will return to the West Allis-West Milwaukee School District at least two more times for two days each. These additional visits will provide continued support to teachers as they work to create classroom cultures where students learn to lead, innovate, and develop critical thinking skills that serve them for life.

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Hi, I’m Colin Seale, the founder and CEO of thinkLaw, and I am so excited to be working on transforming tier one instruction with the West Allis-West Milwaukee School district as part of what it takes to achieve tangible equity. It’s been so amazing to work with a district that allows you to be able to see what it looks like at a systemic level to talk about their equity values and how it aligns to what we talk about when we say, “Hey, when we do equity work, we are trying to transform the possibilities of what it means to disrupt that pattern that demographics have on outcomes.” Where you’re seeing that really, sort of, hit the ground with actual instructional strategies. Not some pie-in-the-sky concepts. 

And it’s been so exciting to just spend the last two days out in Central High School really being able to work with teachers from a professional development standpoint on how to ask these exemplar level three, level four questions. How to get kids to answer it at that level and what the scaffolds are necessary to get to that point and to see what happens when that energy gets replied right away, immediately after, seeing so many teachers that are excited that got something that they could latch onto.

Not some like flash in the pan, here then we’re gone tomorrow kind of strategy, but something that’s really getting to speak to the culture of this. So, so, so thrilled to work with a district that’s able to say, like, “Hey, we are going to commit to this for the long haul.” Where we’re gonna come back at least two additional times for these two day cycles to really be able to work and grow over rapport with teachers at Central High School that can implement these strategies while also being a part of the district’s overall plan to say, “You know what we’re trying to do? We’re trying to create a systemic set of kids who can lead, innovate, and break the things that must be broken, not just get that high school degree, but be ready to be critical thinkers for life.”

I’m Colin Seale with thinkLaw, and I’m really, really excited to be partnering with the West Allis-West Milwaukee School district.


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