It’s crunch time. You’re in the final phase of planning for the upcoming school year and… you realize that something is missing. What is your comprehensive plan to help your students think critically about what they are learning? Rote memorization has its place, but now that you’ve moved beyond the ABC’s and multiplication tables it’s time to step things up. 

Only one out of every 10 students receive critical thinking instruction—because it’s hard to do. But critical thinking skills should not be a luxury good. thinkLaw makes teaching critical thinking easy so that ALL students can build the skills they will need to succeed in college and career. 

Let’s get started.

1. Find out what the buzz is all about

There’s a reason for thinkLaw’s cult following—and you’ll understand why when you download our sample lesson plan. Every thinkLaw lesson is TEKS or Common Core-aligned, includes a PowerPoint presentation, and student worksheets. It’s SO easy to build critical thinking skills in your students when you have thinkLaw on your side. 

2. Request a quote

Once the sample lesson has convinced you that thinkLaw is worth looking into, use our online form to request a quote. Because each thinkLaw partnership is customized to fit your school, staff, and students. In less than a minute, you can tell us everything we need to know about your school to put together a quote—and we’ll get back to you within 48 hours. 

There’s really no reason NOT to find out what a thinkLaw partnership would look like for your school!

3. Set a date

When you’re ready, we’ll be prepared to schedule your in-person “Think Like a Lawyer” professional development course for teachers. We can make this happen in a couple of weeks so you can build this into your August teacher prep time and be ready to kick off the school year with thinkLaw!

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