Students at Coral Academy of Science eagerly dive into thinkLaw’s  Intro to All is Fair in War Lesson. This lesson encourages students to think critically by evaluating decision making surrounding the US decision to relocate Japanese and Japanese Americans. 

Watch the video and listen to how engaged and motivated these 8th and 12th graders are to participate in class and give their input on the lesson.

To review the lesson for yourself click here.



We know that critical thinking is hard to teach, but it remains one of the most important 21st century skills. New tests require students to apply critical thinking to challenging questions. But critical thinking is still a luxury good: less than 1 of 10 educators teach it and that educator is often at an elite school or only teaches critical thinking to elite students.

thinkLaw closes this gap by helping educators teach critical thinking to ALL students through 25 engaging, standard-aligned lessons based on real-life legal cases. These cases tap into students’ inherent sense of justice and fairness and empower students to do the heavy lifting through critical thinking tasks usually reserved for law students. thinkLaw’s comprehensive program includes teacher guides and tools to allow them to deliver lessons with under 20 minutes of prep time, student workbooks, and 3 sessions of virtual coaching.

thinkLaw is on a mission to have its program implemented in 200 schools by the end of 2016.

Learn more about how you can launch thinkLaw at your school or organization, by clicking here.

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