A crucial component of powerful critical thinking instruction is deep conversation. Research studies have shown that how we talk impacts our processing and retention. We know the value of impactful discussions, but how do you get students in your classroom to engage in meaningful dialogue?

A core element in the thinkLaw approach to learning and thinking is engaging students in thoughtful conversation through the use of probing questions. Our emphasis on student voice within classrooms is one of the many reasons why we are excited to announce our partnership with Braincandy moving into the 2018-2019 school year.

Braincandy was developed through the work of a team of learning scientists and classroom teachers dedicated to developing a set of tools that allow teachers to engage students in authentic classroom communication. The Braincandy platform offers an extensive question library that allows users to create, share, and provide feedback on probing academic questions. Starting this summer, 500+ questions to accompany thinkLaw volumes and lessons will be available within the Braincandy question library for educator use.  

Braincandy questions offer flexibility for time-strapped educators.Teachers can display live poll results, create a word cloud from student answers, display anonymous student responses, and more. Braincandy also fosters an environment where all students can feel comfortable being active participants in their own learning. Students have the option to message their instructor questions they may have regarding the material being taught, and instructors can directly reply to student screens without compromising the safety students feel with being able to contribute anonymously. The Braincandy platform also provides a way for students to anonymously share their thoughts with the larger group, encouraging honesty and a safe environment. 

thinkLaw Founder and CEO Colin Seale said, “Educators in modern classrooms are strapped for time. So while the time-tested philosophies of the Socratic seminar are an invaluable teaching strategy in modern classroom, teachers struggle to have the time to prepare these types of lessons.  Additionally, students don’t always feel comfortable speaking in front of the entire class which impedes whole-class discussions. This is why we are so excited to partner with Braincandy. Together we have the option to support teachers in a way that is incredibly user-friendly and yet immensely impactful for our students.”

To learn more about Braincandy visit the website here.    

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