Over 95% of what students learned 20 years ago in Social Studies can now be found on a smartphone within seconds. This creates a huge sense of urgency around making Social Studies classes more engaging and turning them into a space that helps our students understand the various perspectives of issues, analyze biases in the information they view, and actually apply facts, dates, and historical figures to relevant problems.

This is why we couldn’t be more excited to host the following two sessions at The National Council for Social Studies conference on Nov. 17th:

  • Law School is Too Late: Using Real-Life Legal Cases to Revolutionize Critical Thinking for ALL Students – Access to critical thinking instruction should not be a luxury good. Come learn how thinkLaw is revolutionizing critical thinking through standards-aligned real-life cases that bring the Socratic method to life! This presentation will take place Friday 11/17 at 8:45 am in room 3001A
  • Think Like a Lawyer: Engaging Tools for Critical Thinking Instruction– Hundreds of amazing social studies instructors  will learn how to translate the most engaging and rigorous aspects of legal education to the classroom with tangible instructional strategies to teach critical thinking to all students. This presentation will take place Fri 11/17th at 10am on the 3rd Floor in room Alcove C.

We also will have the chance to show educators our highly engaging and academically rigorous standards-aligned program which helps educators teach critical thinking to all students through real-life legal cases and our powerful Critical Thinking Professional Learning Series that helps educators create more rigorous learning experiences for students.

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