Join The Critical Thinking Revolution At Texas ASCD 2017 Annual Conference

Critical thinking is the 21st-century skill, but in practice, it is still a luxury good. Educators are teaching it at only the most elite schools to the most elite students. We need a critical thinking revolution!

This is why thinkLaw couldn’t be more excited to attend the Texas ACSD conference on October 28 to 31. ASCD is a leading organization for people who are interested in becoming better leaders and have quality instruction and quality schooling. And thinkLaw’s TEKS-aligned approach to revolutionize critical thinking through real-life legal cases and powerful professional development that brings the Socratic method to life is helping educators transition from asking “what” and “how to” to asking “why” and “what if?”

If you will be at the Texas ASCD Conference in Houston be sure to stop by booth 306 and say hi to the thinkLaw team, and learn why thinkLaw’s critical thinking revolution is exploding across the country, including recent approvals in 7 Texas districts!

To learn more about our innovative approach, here’s our company overview and check out a replay of our Shark Tank pitch about what motivates our work to transform critical instruction for ALL students.

To learn how your school or organization can adopt thinkLaw’s standards-aligned program that helps educators teach critical thinking to all students, please click here to schedule a time to speak with someone on the thinkLaw team, call us now at (702) 318-7512 or join us on our next webinar; Thinking Like a Lawyer: Powerful Strategies to Teach Critical Thinking to All Students

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