“Critical thinking is fundamental to everything we’re trying to do here.”- Dr. Carrie A. Buck

Dr. Carrie Buck, an award-winning Principal of Pinecrest Academy Horizon, a public charter school in Henderson, Nevada, saw an urgent need to implement thinkLaw’s critical thinking tools at her school.

Pinecrest boasts a rigorous STEAM program – Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math with Arts Integration tools, and a variety of innovative learning tools designed to allow all students to achieve.

But Dr. Buck jumped at the opportunity to implement thinkLaw because it allows any teacher to deliver high quality critical thinking instruction to any student, and a strong critical thinking foundation is a prerequisite for many of the high-level educational experiences Pinecrest offers.

As Dr. Buck notes, “[c]ritical thinking is fundamental to everything we’re trying to do here,” and thinkLaw will enable broad-based critical thinking instruction.

One of Pinecrest Academy’s STEM teachers is leading the Pinecrest initial launch of thinkLaw, for students in 5th-8th grade through an after school program with plans to expand thinkLaw as part of Pinecrest’s core academic programs in the near future.


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