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thinkLaw exists to create a world where critical thinking is no longer a luxury good. We help educators teach critical thinking to all students, not just the highest achieving ones at the most exclusive schools. Rote memorization and spoon-fed learning will not prepare young people for the rapidly changing workforce that awaits them. thinkLaw addresses educational inequity by giving teachers the tools to empower all students access to critical thinking. We do this through our award-winning curriculum that uses real-life legal cases in upper grades and fairly tales & nursery rhymes in lower grades as a hook to unleash the critical thinking potential of all students and powerful professional development that helps educators apply rigorous inquiry strategies that help them move beyond asking “what” and “how to” to “why” and “what if.”


We are seeking a current or former teacher to work 10-15 hours a week on a project-by-project basis to give our team additional bandwidth in a wide variety of ways.


This position may be for you if you are:

  • a stickler for details,
  • a “just to make sure I’m clear” double-checker recipient of instructions,
  • someone who knows how to make documents, graphics, social media and words pop, and
  • as passionate about education equity as you are about doing the unsexy tasks necessary to move important work forward.

Can you help us spark a critical thinking revolution in students nationwide?


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Work between 10-15 hours a week on a project-by-project basis to provide support in a wide variety of ways depending on experience, interest, and need. Areas of focus may include but are not limited to:

Curriculum & Training Development — Creating slides for new thinkLaw lessons, researching and drafting content for new thinkLaw professional development sessions, creating handouts and supplemental resources for curriculum and training sessions, etc..

Marketing — Creating fliers and other event marketing materials as needed, extracting data for monthly marketing reports, assisting with company newsletters and email marketing campaigns, assisting with adding content to thinkLaw blog/thinkLaw website, etc.

Social Media — Engaging on thinkLaw’s various platforms, especially on Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook.

Sales — Assisting with post-conference and post-training event follow up activities, assisting with quote generation as needed, assisting with the sending of customized emails as needed, etc.

Operations and Logistics — Confirming accuracy of event logistics and other operations work as needed.


  • Autonomy and independence
  • Flexible, part-time work environment (virtual workspace) & family-friendly business practices
  • Pay: $18-20/hr, depending on experience

To Apply

Send your resume and cover letter for the Special Projects and Operations Associate role to Nina Tinsley ASAP at ngtinsley@oneteacheraz.com.


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About thinkLaw

Our Vision

A world where critical thinking is taught by all teachers and to all students, leveling the playing field for 21st century success.

Our Mission

We help educators teach critical thinking to ALL students.

Our Core Values


We listen to understand, speak to be understood, and demonstrate the courage to tackle the tough but necessary conversations across lines of difference.


We dream big, create boldly, and dare to improve our world dramatically, approaching our work with creativity and an endless set of possibility.

Making a Difference

Our bottom line is impact, so we prioritize our actions and our inactions through the lens of maximizing this bottom line.

Our Approach

The thinkLaw Method

  • We make it easy. We are always willing to do the hard work on our end if it’s going to make someone’s work easier on the other side.
  • We make it engaging. We work hard to make sure our work is received with tears, hell yeahs, this is unacceptables, gasps, are you freaking kidding mes, and laughter because we understand the emotional connection that comes from engaging our partners and community members.
  • We ground our work in critical thinking. We consider multiple perspectives, we use evidence to back up our decision-making, and we are committed to continuous improvement of our thinking around every aspect of what we do.
  • We err on the side of fairness and justice, always. We consider equity, not equality in deciding what is needed for our team, our partners, and our work. We understand that what is legal is not always just and what is acceptable is not always fair, and actively seek to be the hammer that helps to bend the arc of history towards justice.

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