Join Colin Seale thinkLaw Founder & CEO at The National ESEA Conference Conference for: “Critical Thinking as the Key to Classroom Management”

Colin Seale| Founder & CEO of thinkLaw


Every educator has “that” student. That brilliant student who is a born leader, innovator, and amazing problem solver that also happens to be a frequent flier in disciplinary referrals, detentions, and the principal’s office. But when we think about the type of teacher-driven, content-heavy instruction students are typically getting (especially during the testing season), it should be no surprise that bright and high-energy students sometimes struggle with behavioral issues and pose challenges to effective classroom management. Deeper learning activities that involve engaging and rigorous critical thinking should be the first tool educators grab from their educational toolbox to improve classroom management. We will discuss powerful, but practical strategies that leverage critical thinking instruction as a proactive classroom management tool for some of the most common disruptive student behaviors.


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Session: “Critical Thinking as the Key to Classroom Management”

Thursday, February 6, 2020

2:15 3:00 PM

Exhibit Hall Stage A


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