Gray is The New Black: Colin Seale to Deliver Keynote in Riverside, CA for Child Workforce Development Services Conference.

Colin Keynote Speaker
Colin Keynote SpeakerPolicies and procedures are never enough. Before founding thinkLaw, our Founder and CEO Colin Seale had a multitude of experience when it comes to advocating and speaking on child welfare issues. As an educator, an analyst at the largest child welfare agency in Nevada, and as an attorney to foster children, Colin is especially appreciative of the challenges of child welfare leadership and is excited for the opportunity to work with leaders at the Child Welfare Workforce Development Services Conference 2020.


Join Colin’s session “Gray Is The New Black: Using Critical Thinking To Navigate Uncertainty”, where Colin will be helping leaders from the Southern California Child Welfare System use the “Thinking Like a Lawyer” framework to 1) Develop a working understanding of why critical thinking is challenging to teach, especially for leaders & 2) Learn and practice several powerful inquiry strategies to enhance critical thinking and leadership in the challenging context of child welfare.

February 18, 12:30 PM – 1:20 PM

Ballroom A/B


Speaker introduction by Amy Jaffe, CWDS County Consultant at the Academy for Professional Excellence
The Academy for Professional Excellence, a project of San Diego State University School of Social Work, was established in 1996 with the mission to provide exceptional workforce development and learning experiences for the transformation of individuals, organizations, and communities. Providing nearly 70,000 learning experiences to health and human service professionals annually, the Academy creates experiences that transform the heart, mind, and practice with the goal of revolutionizing the way people work to ensure the world is a healthier place. The Academy continues to grow with new programs and a diversity of workforce development solutions for the health and human services community in Southern California and beyond. The Academy invests in its staff with an innovative work environment that promotes staff well-being and a culture that builds on and fosters the strengths of its diverse staff.

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