thinkLaw‬’s CEO to Discuss Governor’s Legislative Initiatives

Founder | CEO of ‪thinkLaw‬ will participate in the Inaugural Education Summit on December 7th!

The purpose of this session is to convey the current status of education-related initiatives most directly associated with thinkLaw as several of the Governor’s legislative initiatives have direct (or indirect) implications for the organization.

As a member of the speaking panel, one topic that Colin will focus on is “Where we are now” as it relates to various community activities and other initiatives directed toward particular aspects of Education in Southern Nevada.

Colin will share this experience with: Todd Mason, Director of Government Affairs, WYNN Resorts Panelists: Brent Husson, President, Nevada Succeeds; Steve Canavero, Ph.D., Interim Nevada State Superintendent; Glenn Christenson, Managing Director, Velstand Investments, LLC; Terri Janison, Vice President of Community Development, United Way of Southern Nevada, UNLV President Len Jessup, Governor Brian Sandoval, and Google’s “Education Evangelist,” Jaime Casap.

To purchase your ticket to this event please click the photo:


#thinkLawFunFact: Jaime Casap’s infamous quote, “Do not ask kids what they want to be when they grow up but ask what problems they want to solve”, was an inspiring factor for Colin Seale to create thinkLaw!

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