We are rolling right into the 2016-2017 school year and given last year’s success with thinkLaw, Explore Knowledge Academy is expanding the use of the thinkLaw with the STEM Edition!

Abbe Mattson, superintendent at Explore Knowledge Academy, says that “The thinkLaw ELA edition provided our students with rich learning experiences. Students took the elective course believing it to be a study of laws and legal processes. Little did they know that the process would lead them to learn how to think differently about the world around them and look more critically at new situations.”


Given EKA’s focus on technology and project-based learning, the school thought it would only make sense to expand implementation this school year. Abbe Mattson says, “When we were told that there would be a new version that would combine STEM ideas along with the critical thinking skills, we were very excited! This year, a new group ofstudents will take this elective course to enhance the work we already perform at the school around STEM, while receiving an additional layer of critical thinking practice.  It is the best of all worlds for our students that want more out of their educational journey.”

Explore Knowledge Academy (EKA) is based in Las Vegas, Nevada and serves K-12 students in multi-aged classrooms. Explore Knowledge Academy is a technology-infused Project Based Learning institution that is always looking to introduce new and innovative learning experiences to their students.

thinkLaw is excited to continue to work with Explore Knowledge Academy as part of our vision to create a world where critical thinking is no longer a luxury good!

Learn more about how you can launch thinkLaw at your school or organization, by clicking here.

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