If I were to ask you to name prominent African-American leaders that are typically featured during Black History Month some names would quickly come to mind: Martin Luther King Jr, Rosa Parks, Malcolm X, and President Obama to name a few. But changes in the status quo don’t just come from leaders at the top. History shaping movements and social change come through the work of everyday people.These everyday people see a need in their community and work to find solutions. At thinkLaw we like to call them everyday heroes.

This Black History month, thinkLaw’s theme is “Black History isn’t just yesterday.  It’s today.” We’re on the hunt for everyday heroes who are making black history today.

  • Parents
  • Teachers
  • Coaches
  • Local Advocates
  • Local Business Leaders
  • Anyone working hard everyday to make a difference in the world around them!

We’re going to be featuring some powerful local heroes in interviews over the next few weeks but we want to know about the everyday heroes in your community.

We’ve decided to host our very first call for student writing submissions!  We believe in the power of student voice and want to offer students the chance to be featured on our blog.

Have the students in your classroom interview a community or family member that they consider to be an everyday hero. Students can submit their writing piece to us and we will select some student pieces to be featured on our blog and social media networks.

How?  We want to make this process very teacher-friendly.  We’ve put together a FREE classroom resource available for download on our Teachers Pay Teachers store.  “Everyday Heroes: Celebrating Community Leaders” includes a PDF with student instructions and worksheets as well as a PowerPoint presentation.  

Please send typed student writing to us at the e-mail address listed below. Submissions should be a minimum of 350 words. Please include contact information including:

  •        Student Name, age, and grade
  •        Teacher and School name
  •        Best contact number

We look forward to hearing from your students and community!  Be sure to check back to www.thinklaw.us to read these submissions throughout the month!  To download the free materials for your classroom click here.  

To learn more about how to adopt thinkLaw’s award-winning critical thinking program for your program for exceptional students please click here to schedule a time to speak with someone on the thinkLaw team or call us now at (702) 318-7512. Join us on our next webinar: Thinking Like a Lawyer: Powerful Strategies to Teach Critical Thinking to All Students

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