I am the What If

“What If every doctor, lawyer, politician and successful business owner spent the first two years of their professional career in education?

How different would our education system look?”

Colin gives us a deeper insight into what has fueled everything he has done thus far in his life. Via www.corpsknowledge.org, we get the inside scoop straight from Colin himself. He shared with us that, “I knew I received an excellent education despite my background as a Brooklyn boy, raised by a single mom from another country with a father locked up throughout my teenage years.

And I knew this made me an exception to the rule. But I also knew the rule was unjust. And that by delaying my MPA, I would have the opportunity to teach students (with the type of coaching and mentorship few first-year, non-TFA teachers ever receive) while addressing the same injustice I saw so clearly in the world.”

Colin goes on to explain that without Teach For America he very well might have been just another policy maker who did realize the power and value that teachers, parents, and students wield. He admits that Teach For America inspired him to deepen his impact on education.  He continues to disclose unapologetically that, “Without Teach For America, I don’t think I would have been an advocate in the Juvenile Justice Clinic at the William S. Boyd School of Law at UNLV. And I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have jumped at the chance to represent foster youth through the Legal Aid of Southern Nevada’s Children’s Attorney Project. [READ THE ENTIRE ARTICLE]

Corps Knowledge’s Mission + Goal: Teach For America, its corps members and its alumni work to make our children’s classrooms better, and many of them go on to make our country better. That needs to be defended, promoted and supported.

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