#BeTheChange: thinkLaw’s November 2018 Newsletter

A Message from Colin Seale, thinkLaw Founder and CEO

What if we lived in world where all students not only knew their rights, but fought with all their might to exercise those rights for the greater good? With election day around the corner, I’m thrilled to share some of the exciting work thinkLaw is doing to showcase the power of student voices. We’re doing a game-changing “Hack-a-Thon for Social Change” with teachers and students in Prince George’s County, Maryland, where 60 young people are learning to #BeTheChange by identifying their most important issue and “hacking” a solution. We’ve put together a powerful critical thinking lesson to defeat voter apathy before it starts by getting students to do a root-cause analysis about why people don’t vote. And with our critical thinking professional development and curricular partnerships in 14 states, we are helping educators equip our students with the tools to not only question the way the world is, but to create the world we ought to have. Enjoy this month’s newsletter, and if you haven’t already, VOTE!

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thinkLaw’s Top Two

“The whole idea of transforming young people to unleash their critical thinking potential has caught on like fire.” Learn more about the thinkLaw startup story in Las Vegas Business Press’ coverage of Colin’s panel at the Nevada Governor’s Conference on Business.

Last month Colin brought thinkLaw’s “Thinking Like a Lawyer” framework to more than 1,000 passionate educators at the 2nd Annual Black Male Educators’ Convening in Philadelphia. But he returned with much more. Read more about his reflections from this inspiring annual event committed to diversifying the education profession on School Leader Sharif El-Mekki’s Philly’s 7th Ward blog.

thinkLaw Updates

thinkLaw is hiring! We’re looking for a high-energy, results-driven individual to lead our marketing and partnership development efforts. Apply online by Nov 19 and SHARE with anyone you think may be a good fit.

“Hey, you two, pick a card, any card. Whose card is higher? Congrats, you’ve just won an election!” This true story of how a tied recent election was decided kicks off a powerful lesson that aims to help students break down the root cause of why so many eligible voters sit out elections. Check out this lesson before Election Day to help your students understand why voting matters!

Where is thinkLaw?

Where is thinkLaw

Behavior Education Technology Conference
Phoenix, AZ | November 8
Why do the Smartest Kids do the Dumbest Stuff?”

National Alliance of Black School Educators Conference
Baltimore, MD | November 9
The Critical Thinking Gap: Why Equity Requires Access to 21st Century Skills”

Texas Association for the Gifted & Talented giftED Conference
Fort Worth, TX | November 28-30

  • “Gray is My Favorite Color”: Using Social Justice to Combat Black & White Thinking
  • Gifted Education for the Cool Kids (Little to Big)
  • From “What” and “How to” to “Why” and “What If” (Speed Learning Session)
  • Accountable Talk: 6 Practical Tools for Scholarly Discourse (Speed Learning Session)

Plan ahead for the Spring Semester and see how you and your students can join thinkLaw’s Critical Thinking Revolution with our award-winning curriculum and professional development workshops! Request a quote and a thinkLaw representative will be in contact within 48 hours. If you have any additional questions, set up a time to connect for a quick call.


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