We are elated to announce that Colin is selected to be a 2016 Echoing Green Fellowship Finalist!

He is among the top 1% of global innovators that Echoing Green believes is driving crucial change on the greatest social challenges of our time. This opportunity will give Colin the resources he needs to continue his mission of making high-level critical thinking accessible to all children regardless of their zip code and who their parents are.

While very few people will challenge the notion that critical thinking is one of the most valued 21st century skills and this is a challenge to teach, many debate over the best methods for which to deliver it. Colin has decided to use law as a conduit for critical thinking instruction. An innovative approach that combines our inherent interest in justice and fairness with an engaging set of critical thinking learning activities across multiple subject areas. The Echoing Green Fellowship will award Colin with a very generous stipend and benefits for a year that will allow him to take thinkLaw further, faster.

Echoing Green Fellows are the innovators, instigators, pioneers, and rebels that reject the status quo and drive positive social change all over the world. While their work, their geographies, and even their approaches may be as varied as the problems they are working to solve, their common passion and commitment form the base of this robust, active community of leaders.

Visit Echoing Green to learn more about the Global Fellowship Program.


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