thinkLaw + Port Huron

thinkLaw + Port Huron PD Partnership

Tailored Professional Learning: At thinkLaw, we believe in grounding our work in critical thinking and making it engaging.


Our partnership provided five customized professional learning sessions for administrators and educators designed to align with your district’s unique goals and challenges.  

  • Tangible Equity for Leaders on August 16, 2023 
  • Transforming Tier I Instruction (Part I – Secondary) on August 29, 2023 
  • Transforming Tier I Instruction (Part II – Secondary) on November 7, 2023 
  • Transforming Tier I Instruction (Part I – Elementary) on November 7, 2023 
  • Tangible Equity for Leaders (Part II) on November 7, 2023 

Ongoing Support: We’ve provided continuous support through recapping learning from previous sessions and introducing educators and leaders to additional thinkLaw strategies to further their instructional priorities.  

PD Impact Report

Instructional ShiftsOur before and learning reflections have illuminated significant shifts in instructional practices, showcasing the deep integration of critical thinking into daily practices. Witnessing these changes has reaffirmed that educators provide quality Tier 1 instruction to all learners.

Check out your thinkLaw + Port Huron Impact report.

Teacher Work Samples

Valuable Feedback: The insights and feedback we’ve received from your educators have been instrumental in refining our approach.  

  • For example, many Port Huron educators expressed time and student needs as their highest implementation barriers, and they believed that thinkLaw strategies could support them in navigating their previously expressed barriers.  
  • As a result, in our Transforming Tier I Instruction (Part II) professional learning, we focused on providing teachers with strategies and frameworks (WICK, The Wise Method, thinkOpposition, DRAAW+C) to support student engagement and psychological safety to ensure ALL students have an opportunity to engage in high quality, Tier 1 instruction.  

Take a look at what your teachers created during our sessions: Port Huron Teacher Work Samples