PD Landing Page – Deer Valley

Before We Get Started

Welcome! We’re so excited to work alongside towards a critical thinking revolution! Before we get started, please do the following:

  • Take a few moments to complete the Before the Learning Reflection
  • If you are interested, please explore the additional resources at the bottom of the page to learn more about the thinkLaw mission and work.

During Our Session

  • In our work today we give you permission to be selfish! This is your learning journey. Here are some helpful tools.
  • Deer Valley Learning Guide. This learning guide is an editable PDF. This means you may type directly into the guide, or you may print yourself a copy ahead of our session. We’ve included important concepts within the learning guide, so you don’t need to worry about frantically writing everything down. Take the time to digest and make notes of important connections you make today.
  • We’ll work today to create powerful examples.

Making it Stick

We may be wrapping up our session together, but our critical thinking revolution is just beginning!

Additional Resources

To learn more about thinkLaw, our work, and mission, check out some of our additional resources below.



If you’re interested in using one of the thinkLaw lessons we did together today check out the links below: