#TheReal10YearChallenge: thinkLaw’s February 2019 Newsletter

A Message from Colin Seale, thinkLaw Founder and CEO

Colin presenting at the “Age of Agility Summit” on Jan. 24th, 2019 in Washington, D.C. at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

When I was 13 years old, I was knee-deep in the “I Don’t Care” Syndrome struggle. I had 80 absences, bombed multiple classes, and I was an unmotivated underachiever. 10 years later, because caring adults saw greatness in me and insisted on me fulfilling this potential, I was teaching middle and high school math in Washington D.C., discovering the “why” that would drive me to earn my law degree and eventually launch thinkLaw. Seems like #TheReal10YearChallenge isn’t about showing how we’ve aged (although I haven’t because my Black don’t crack), it’s about ensuring caring adults see the potential greatness in front of them. So this Black History Month, instead of just honoring the rich legacy and contributions of African Americans, let’s inspire students with opportunities to think critically about their impact so our students will be the history-makers 10 years from now.

Request a quote for thinkLaw’s award-winning curriculum now to use our engaging and rigorous real-life legal cases to help teachers give students the essential critical thinking skills they need for success. 

Beyond Memorizing Dates & Names:  Powerful Critical Thinking Resources for  Black History Month

If all we do for Black History Month is have our students create timelines with dates, names, and places- we miss out on the opportunity to think critically about history and make important connections with today’s civil rights challenges.  Head over to thinkLaw’s online store now and download our lessons to cultivate a critical thinking climate today with our To Stand or Not to Stand lesson for upper grades and our Famous Inventions lesson for lower grades.

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 thinkLaw Updates

thinkLaw Featured at Age of Agility Summit

Last month, Colin Seale was invited to speak at the US Chamber of Commerce as part of the Age of Agility Summit. This forum featured thought leaders from education, business, and policy communities who were wowed by Colin’s practical ideas on the “how” of preparing lifelong learners for the future of work. Read more about thinkLaw’s ideas to future-proof our students here.  

Planning early for engaging and rigorous summer programs focused on 21st century learning? Contact us now to learn more about how schools and organizations have used thinkLaw for 21st Century Learning Programs, Summer Enrichment, Upward Bound programs, and other summer programs that benefit from academically rich curriculum that is fun for students and easy for instructors to deliver.  

Inspiring Teachers and Parents in Round Rock, TX

thinkLaw got busy in Round Rock ISD! Colin Seale delivered our powerful, but practical “Think Like a Lawyer” workshop to Round Rock ISD gifted and talented teachers. And the very next day, he was the keynote speaker at Round Rock ISD’s Gifted and Advanced Academics Parent Conference, delivering his action-provoking “Leaving Genius on the Table” address follow by two standing-room-only workshops.  Educators & Parents alike were able to be engaged and active participants in their learning as Colin walked them down a new path, challenging them to ask “why” and “what if” instead of “what” and “how to.” Want your teachers and families to join thinkLaw’s Critical Thinking Revolution? Request a quote for our parent workshops and teacher professional development today!

What if “implicit” bias isn’t the problem at all?

“Explicit bias explains how a school administrator can say, with a straight face, that the reason only eight percent of her students are proficient in Math and thirteen percent are proficient in Reading is that her students are simply poor and their parents just don’t care.” Read this Education Post piece for the rest of Colin’s take on why explicit, not implicit bias must be an immediate focus for all educators.

Texas Alliance for Black School Educators
Galveston, TX | February 19-23

California Charter School Conference
Sacramento, CA | March 12-13

TAGT Leadership Conference
Georgetown, TX | April 15-16
The Bigger Picture: Leveraging G/T Education to Maximize Achievement for ALL Students

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Plan ahead for the Spring Semester and see how you and your students can join thinkLaw’s Critical Thinking Revolution with our award-winning curriculum and professional development workshops! Request a quote here and a thinkLaw representative will be in contact within 48 hours.

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