Limited Teacher Curriculum

Single-user, Limited Download Subscriber Option

This year-long subscription is a one-time credit card payment of $147.

How the limited access to the thinkPortal for Teachers works:

  • Each month educators get 8 credits for lesson downloads put into their thinkPortal account (A total of up to 96 lessons over 12 months).
  • Teachers can choose any one of the 500+ lessons in our thinkPortal to count as one of their 8 downloads. 
  • After a teacher has made 8 downloads in one month, they can search the lesson library, but not download additional resources until the first of the next month.
  • Credits must be used within the month as they do not transfer from month to month
  • Once a teacher downloads a lesson, the educator owns the lessons and can use the teaching materials at any time in the future not just during the school year you purchased them. 


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