Jessica Walczak

Meet Jessica Walczak

Jessica dreamed of being an educator ever since she was a young Army brat. Growing up, she attended schools across the country where she had firsthand experience with the expectation gaps and lack of access to challenging and engaging education.  As a 4th grader, Jessica went from “above average” in one state to two levels below when she moved states a month later. This educational inequity is what drove Jessica to become an educator. Jessica earned her Master of Arts in Teaching and later earned her Master of Science in Management and Leadership and maintains a teaching license for the State of Virginia. Jessica has taught in public and private schools, as well as at an international school in the Dominican Republic. When Jessica is not supporting teacher’s use of the thinkLaw’s curricular resources, she’s dancing merengue with her husband, planning her next trip, or finding forever homes for the cats she fosters.

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