Chyna Bates

Meet Chyna Bates

Chyna Bates serves as the Director of Professional Development for thinkLaw. Chyna received her Bachelor’s degree in Gifted Education and her Master’s degree in Education Administration Leadership from Elizabeth City State University. She is an education activist with over 12 years of classroom experience. She has served as an educator with a variety of experiences and expertise at an elementary, secondary, and collegiate level. Chyna has also served as a multi-tiered support systems facilitator, education consultant, and an instructional coach. Ms. Bates has supervised, cumulatively, more than 100 teachers and continues to lead in the coaching, mentoring, and evaluation of more than 50 beginning teachers each school year. Chyna is dedicated to designing and leading professional experiences that produce equitable outcomes for brown and black students, where “working twice as hard to get half as far” is no longer the standard.