Consider how it feels when you are driving along smoothly and hit a sudden traffic jam. Or the odd feeling you get when you are in a loud place and the music and noise suddenly disappears. Or even the social anxiety we feel in a conversation when someone pauses in the middle of a thought, even for a few seconds. 

In a world that worships productivity, efficiency, and expediency, the idea of Pressing Pause is inherently uncomfortable.

But what if we tried Pressing Pause more often? I paused after feeling uneasiness about my children’s back-to-school list, which led me to writing my latest piece about the back-to-school list that really matters. I paused in the midst of spreading thinkLaw’s Critical Thinking Revolution at lots of gifted and talented conferences nationwide. Until that pause, it never occurred to me that if we could change the face of who gets to TEACH gifted children, we might be able to change who gets to BE a gifted child – the main premise of The BEE Project, thinkLaw’s new nonprofit arm that is already showing a positive impact on its inaugural cohort of 14 teachers of color. 

This month, join the thinkLaw team in practicing our Pressing Pause strategy to see what this does to your ability to embed critical thinking seamlessly into your work as an educator, as a leader, and in your family. 

– Colin


Join us all throughout September as we explore the power of Pressing Pause in our decision making processes and experience how transformational it can truly be!

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