[Podcast] Tangible Equity in Education

[Podcast] Learning Unwrapped

“Give me 100 crates to stand on, but if I am still watching the game from outside of the fence, that’s not equity.”

We’ve all seen that image, right? 3 kids standing on wooden crates outside a baseball game? It’s supposed to make the point that just equally distributing resources does not create equity of access and opportunity for all students.

But in this powerful conversation, Colin Seale, Founder and CEO of thinkLaw, and Dr. Sulla at Learning Unwrapped, ask “equity for what?” Colin’s “blessed and highly favored” K-12 educational journey is deemed an “exception to the rule”, which “normalizes, and often celebrates the inherently inequitable idea of watching the baseball game from outside of the fence.”

Don’t miss this deep dive into what it means to build a new system where all students have a true shot at being exceptional. 


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